The Corporate America suit and tie was killing my spirit eight hours a day. This day in particular was a stressful one. Reality was I needed this job. I had three little boys at a home and my wife was in school full time. I am a creative. An artist. A free spirited thinker and communicator. But the more I walked through those Corp doors, I began to question myself. Was this it for me? Would I be doing this for the rest of my life? Now let me clarify, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Corporate jobs, suit, ties and being clean shaven. Many people thrive in that world and do an amazing job. They were designed and created for it. 

Me? Not so much. I'm a jeans and T-shirt kinda guy. And a hat. ..always a hat. I thrive on everything creative. I write songs then I sing them. I'm an actor. I act in TV shows, commercials and when I get lucky, in a few films too. I write stories in hopes to produce and direct them into feature films.  I also help companies and brands create the best formula to tell their stories through print, design and video production. Everything creative... So let's get back to the story of the stressful day and the moment I got the bird.

I walked up the steps to my kids school.  The tie was loose and my shirt was no longer tucked into my pants. I could hear the rumble of my kids through the door. I really was not in the mood to be happy jolly Dad this evening. I stopped for a few seconds and had to remind myself that my shitty day had nothing to do with my boys nor my beautiful wife. They were my safe place. They were the few things that mean the whole entire world to me.  I walked into the classroom and it happened. Zion, my middle dude, charged towards me and gave me the BIRD. He said,

"Papi, I made this for you." He handed me a stencil of a bird and pointed at the colorful feathers he glued on it, just for me.  I looked down at those little brown eyes looking at me and the craziest joy took over me. It was the greatest gift ever that evening. It was exactly what I needed. A reminder! A reminder that everything would be ok. Tomorrow would be another new day. A new chance at life. And so this bird went on being a reminder for me of just that. A new day. I framed the darn thing! 


Months later I began brainstorming and working on ideas for a logo that I could use for the art I create. So I thought, why not the bird? I scanned it, photographed it, smashed it into Photoshop and BAM, there was my new logo! If that weren't enough, I even had a tattoo made of the bird on my forearm. A constant reminder that today is a new day at life. And a great one it has been for the most part. Life still tries to get best of me sometimes. Being an artist can be extremely disheartening. I quit every few months, but I quickly wake myself up and remind myself that I was created and designed for this. But sometimes another sign would be great! Wouldn't you agree?

So this past week I had another moment of missing my Dad. It's always so tough and the reality is I will never get over his departing from Earth, but I want to believe with all my heart that he is still here, and very much alive in the memories and legacy he left us.  My brother Luis called me this day and said, "Do you remember when Dad used to call you El Gorrion?" I laughed because I  definitely remembered and it triggered tons of memories. "But what the heck is a Gorrion? I've never known what it was." Turns out a Gorrion is a tiny bird. That evening I went online searching for a Gorrion. And sure enough, there it was. A little darn bird. My heart beat escalated looking at this little bird, and glancing at the bird  tattooed on my forearm. As if it were yet another sign and assurance of this path I have chosen for my life or perhaps the path that chose me. A father knows. My Pops knew, he knew ever since I was a little dude.  My Mark!


The signs are there my fellow friends and readers. You were made for this! Don't let anything nor anyone talk you out of the dreams you have. But rather use it as fuel to keep you moving forward. Open your eyes and ears... You will see it and hear it.