The Sea.

An obsession with the sea.

It's the mystery that lies deep within.

The stories told and untold on the ocean floor and the space between.

At times it is calm. At times It is raging.

Both unveil the truth of it's nature and my place in this circle.

It connects and it separates.

It invites us in with radiant reflections, but pushes us away with turbulent winds and dark horizons.

Someday, when I am old and grey, I will wake to the view,  arise with the the sound and smell of the sea.

I will sail it's waves and delight in it's provision.

Devote the final chapters of this journey and devour this God created obsession.

And old man, thinking of his old man, holding his young son's who are becoming men.

With her at his side,  all by the Sea.