Walking into the unknown is not something everyone looks forward to. Why would we? I enjoy a bit of adventure, but when It's an unknown adventure, I'd be lying if I said I don't get a bit nervous about it. So many different types of unknowns. Starting at a new job or career. Starting a family. Relocating to a new city. The list goes on and on. What I have learned about this is that it's ok to be nervous or uncertain about the unkown, the problem is when we allow fear to enter into the equation.

Now fear... That's a totally different monster in itself. But just to scrape the surface, fear has the power to stop you, paralyze you, discourage you, distract you, if you allow it to. I've learned through experience to see the "unknown" as an opportunity waiting to happen within. Now don't get me wrong, some things are just flat out dangerous. Diving into a dark hole for instance. Yes there is an element of unknown, but also an obvious element of it being straight out potentially life threatening. Proceed with caution and with a trained professional.

Back to the unknown as being an opportunity. Walking into the unknown opens unknowns within ourselves. With new challenges and obstacles our bodies, minds and hearts step up to meet those challenges in ways we never thought possible. Perspectives change. Attitudes change. Areas in ourselves begin go change, evolve and adjust to this unknown. Whether the outcome of your expectations is met or not, we walk away with new discoveries about ourselves. We realize that we are far more equipped for what life presents us with then what we give ourselves credit for. We grow and learn when we conquer fear and brave the unknown. Just a thought.

How have you braved the unknown?