The Road

The journey towards your dreams can appear to be one filled with paved roads, crowds cheering you on and sunny skies from start to finish. Sort of like that exciting movie trailer that creates great anticipation and expectation. We assume it to be the best picture ever, but often times are left in disappointment. 

The truth is this road is not for everyone. Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is safe about it. It gets extremely lonely. You walk into it with cheers from your peers. Inspirational words from seasonal friends. It is not until you are half way up this empty road and stop to realize... There's only you, God and a handful of those who truly believe in you. Quitting and returning back to the homeland is always seems like safest choice. Reminds me of the biblical story of the Israelite's freed from Egypts slavery. They find themselves in the middle of the desert  led by a flawd man with no food, no water and  no real clear sense of direction... But just a promise and a dream. An insane one, at least. We are en route to where we hoped we would be. It's just that God left out the details of our journey so we can be surprised as we move along. Right?

Is this road less traveled ever really about a destination though? Or is it all about the journey and everything "little" thing in between.  I am learning as I go. Accepting things as I go. Making peace as I go. Letting people and unnecessary baggage go. I don't have the slightest clue   where you are in your journey. You may be way ahead, or right at the beginning pondering on your first step. Know this! You are not crazy and you are not alone. We're all in it together... All Together Separate!  So keep going. Don't ever stop believing in what you were meant to do, meant to create and cultivate on this Earth! You've come this far! Keep going! If you decide to look back, make sure it's just to see how far you've come already!