"GRACE" Now Available!!!

 Without  your endless faith, love and support, none of the music and art I create would be possible nor relevant! From my Live performances to my online features! Download my new song "GRACE" HERE!!!
Thank you!


In 2011 I released my first ever solo project titled, "Fuser".  A project which was a long time waiting. I'm extremely proud of it's outcome and more importantly the lessons I have learned as a singer-songwriter in the process. Since then I've been working very hard on writing new material. A few months ago I decided it was time for a new chapter of songs to begin. Now,  having a song produced, recorded and released is no easy task and requires a financial commitment. As an independent artist, husband and father of three amazing boys, pumping out new music takes a long time of planning and saving! I had no idea how I could even get started! 
I thought, If I can only get ONE song going, maybe it could build momentum, open doors and create new avenues to continue doing what I love to do... Writing and creating music and songs!

My amazing friends in Atlanta, Joseph & Michelle Bulger adopted the lyrics to a song I wrote, they fully funded it's production from beginning to end, and this new chapter begins!  I am super excited to introduce and release the first of multiple new songs, "GRACE"! Head over to iTunes HERE and download it! Tell everyone about it!

Joseph & Michelle, thank you for making this song a reality and being apart of this journey!



Song #2...Here we go!