Names, Titles, Degrees, we all have them. Singers, Writers, Producers, _____________. We are all in pursuit of something we feel we were meant to do. You know that one thing that keeps you up at night? The thing you can't imagine not doing. But sometimes we get so wrapped up in the things that we DO, that they begin to define us. That couldn't be more further from the truth. The things we do are just part of our surface, but fueled and motivated by our Core.

The dangerous thing about defining ourselves by what we do is that the things we do are always in progression. Everyone is in different seasons within the craft they passionately create. So when the things we are making, creating and doing fail we start to believe we are failures. When your start up ideas don't work and it can be many many years before they do if ever, we can easily begin to believe the lie that WE DON'T WORK. Maybe it's us. Something is wrong with me.

One of the first things I have learned in health and fitness is having a strong core. A solid foundation. As in with everything else in life. I have three little boys and every day I work hard at establishing a solid family foundation for them now in hopes that when they grow, they will grow up to be solid young men.  Reality is you can not build a house from the roof down, but rather from the ground up. If you stopped right this minute, and stripped yourself of all titles and the things you do, what is left? What is at your Core? I am a strong believer that we are all born with greatness in our cards. We are all meant for something more. We all have a past, a present and a future to look forward to. The future shouldn't be something we're afraid of, but rather something to look forward to. Just as your past if so far gone behind you, it's time to rewrite your story from here on out.

As an artist, your heart is constantly crushed. Your hard work is sent out for the enjoyment and pleasure of sharing with others. By doing so, every day you give a huge part of your sweat, blood and tears.(All Surface Stuff) When your art isn't welcomed with open arms or not even acknowledged it's a huge blow to our pride. This is when understanding your Core is vital. Your surface will always be bumped or completely bombed, but know that deep within you is a strong Core that will keep you moving forward and will continue to produce the strength and energy you need to get back to the drawing board, recording studio, audition, etc.

So the question to ask yourself is, what is at your Core? What's at the center of You? I bet it has nothing to do with the things you DO, but more about who you are as a person. When you identify that and pin point the things you need to strengthen your Core you are going to experience new ways of looking at the things you DO! The art you create will change too! Because it will be a better reflection of who you really are and not so much of what you think you need to DO!

Just a few of my thoughts. What are your thoughts?