It was perfect.

Everything about the day was perfect.

The sadness I felt was perfect.

I thought about our last conversation, and it was perfect.

Your final words of encouragement for us replay in my head, and they were perfect.

Holding your hand one last time was perfect.

Walking out of the room to squeeze those I love was perfect.

Your last breath on earth was peaceful, it was perfect.

The photo I took moments after you left, was perfect.

The sky was a piercing blue canvas with soft strokes of clouds, Pops, It was perfect!

I wish I could hear about your journey home, I'm pretty darn sure it was perfect.

Pops, I will always miss you, Man! And that is perfect.

Thinking back on your life, Pops, your imperfections were perfect.

When I look into the mirror and into my boys eyes, I see you. And It's perfect.

I will see you soon, just not yet.  Perfect!